Church Def: For Real

The Stephen Ministry promo I wrote about earlier this week was not only my first High Def project but also my first Church Def project. Here’s where I wrote about my first thoughts on Church Def.

Basically our projectors will display at 1440×900 native. That’s way higher that SD resolution and a taller resolution than 720p. So why not create my videos at a unique resolution of 960×720 so I’m not stretching the video, but letting the hardware scaler do this? I can do this because our video playback is through ProPresenter which is QuickTime based.

Since I was mastering/ grading my footage in AE, I knew I wouldn’t be going back to FCP. My workflow in AE consisted of 3 comps: My edit comp where my grading was taking place, My HD render comp which was a 720p comp with square pixels and my CD Render comp which was 960×720 square pixels. I nested my edit comps into both render comps. And rendered both out.

I tested both videos with several settings in Compressor and then in ProPresenter and on our screens. I finally settled on a couple of settings that I like that are based on H.264. I’ve done some reading this week and learned a few more things about Compressor so I have a couple of other settings I’m going to try on the next project.

Overall response to the video was good. Most the comments were wondering what we did different because the video looked so sharp and crisp. I did my best to simply say thank you because when I say we shot it on HD their first response was but it’s not widescreen. Nope it’s Church Def.


June 25, 2008. Tech Stuff, Video.

One Comment

  1. Brad Zimmerman replied:

    Glad to hear the church def is going well for you! Nothing like getting good feedback and having people notice the little things your did to make the quality better! Keep blogging i love reading it!

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