Video Formats and Hard Drive Space and Speed

Quick recap on the last post:

Drive Speeds:
FW400: 22-30 MB/s
FW800: 42-50 MB/s
SATA: 65-90 MB/s (single disk, more disks will increase speed like the G-Speed in RAID5 running 150 MB/s for a 4 disk RAID)
FIBRE: 200 MB/s to 1.4 GB/s depending on size of RAID

HD File Sizes
HDV or DV: 3.75 MB/s and 13 GB/hour
DVCProHD: 15MB/s and 48 GB/hour
ProRes 422: 18 MB/s and 65 GB/hour
ProRes 422 HQ: 27 MB/s and 99 GB/hour
XDCam HD or EX: 4 MB/s and 16 GB/hour
HD Cam: 25-50 MB/s and 90-180 GB/hour
HDCamSR: 50-100 MB/s and 180-260 GB/hour

So depending on the format you’re shooting on you can establish what connection you need and how much disk space to allot for.

With the HVX200a we’re shooting in 720/24pn. I can edit a 3-4 streams in real time of it before I start to drop frames on my FW800 G-Tech mini drive. And I can edit at least 10 or 11 streams on the G-Speed eS before I start to drop frames. We went with the G-Speed eS b/c it was the best bang for the buck in e-SATA RAIDs that were turnkey solutions. I also wanted redundancy incase a drive failed.

I haven’t decided an archive path yet. For the time being I’m probably going to dump to a pair of internal drives mirrored to each other. In the near future, if prices keep falling, I’ll probably move to a Blue Ray solution.


June 16, 2008. Tech Stuff, Video.

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