Leopard 10.5.3 and ProTools 7.4.2pr Update

I haven’t really put ProTools through it’s paces yet on the updates. I have installed all my plug-ins on my laptop and they seem to be working. Granted I’m more of an edit and mix user of ProTools so I don’t use all the virtual instruments. But everything in ProTools seems to be working OK.

But I’m still getting a problem of Kernel Panics at shut down. It seems to be when I use ProTools or a ProTools interface to get audio in or out of my MacBookPro, when I shut the system down I get a Kernal Panic.

I’ve heard it’s an OS problem, when you switch your audio output from the internal speakers to the Digi interface in the preferences, that if you disconnect the interface the OS doesn’t know what to do with the audio during shutdown. The workaround is to leave the interface connected when shutting the system down. This seems to be working but it’s still annoying on a laptop.

My main workstation (MacPro Quad with the Digi002) is still running on OS 10.4.11 until I get all these bugs worked out.

Just wanted to give a quick update as I’ve seen my last post seemed to be popular. Any other ProTools users on 10.5.3? Got any ideas on the Kernel Panic?


June 14, 2008. Sound, Tech Stuff.

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