G-Speed eS Review

Part of our HD upgrade involved our storage. I was running out of room too frequently on the 500 GB FW800 RAID-0 I was using. For data protection I used ChronoSync to syncronize my RAID with a 500 GB internal drive each time the RAID was connected. That way if something crashed I never lost more than a days worth of work. But moving up the a DVCProHD workflow I was concerned about the space available. And shooting tapeless I was concerned about data redundancy and backup.

Enter the G-Tech G-Speed eS RAID. It’s connected to the MacPro via e-SATA on a PCI-e card. The G-Speed eS is set up as a RAID 5. This gets me improved performance and data redundancy. If a drive fails I just replace the drive and it will repopulate the drive. How? RAID magic.

Once I configured the G-Speed eS as a RAID5 I have about 1.5TB available on my 2TB RAID. I’ve transfered over all my files from my old drive and did some speed tests. Just to give it perspective I’ll include some other drives I have as well:

These tests were using the AJA System Test App. Instead of theoretical tests it replicates the demands of video production. I used a 1GB file size and DVCProHD 720p60 Video Frame Size. The drives were various levels of full not empty. If the were empty I’m sure the speeds were be quicker but they had a normal capacity.

G-Speed eS: Write 161 MB/s Read 142 MB/s
OWC RAID-0 (500GB 7200RPM FW800): Write 53.3MB/s Read 59MB/s
OWC RAID-0 (500GB 7200RPM FW400): Write 36MB/s Read 35MB/s
G-Drive (200GB 7200 RPM FW400 Drive): Write 32 MB/s Read 26 MB/s
G-Drive (200GB 7200 RPM FW800 Drive): Write 52 MB/s Read 53 MB/s
Internal (500GB 7200 RPM Internal): Write 47 MB/s Read 49 MB/s

The test confirmed what I’ve been thinking for awhile. The FW RAID is not substantially faster than a single disc FW drive or the internal drive and the G-Speed eS is blazing fast compared to what I’ve been using! The internal drive was a media drive not the boot drive. NEVER USE THE BOOT DRIVE AS THE MEDIA DRIVE!

Now what does this mean in a real world scenario? Well tomorrow I’ll post some findings I’ve compiled about various video formats and their storage capacity and speed needed to work without dropping frames.


June 13, 2008. Tech Stuff, Video.

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