Visual Worshiper

I had the chance to hangout with Camron Ware from last week and I had a great time. Camron has a great heart for the church and a passion for creating unique and compelling environments for worship without breaking the bank!

Of the areas I oversee I know the least about web design and lighting. I can light for video OK but I’m lost at what to do on our stages. I’ve tried to learn from some of the AV integrators we’ve used in the past but most of them, like me, are strong in the AV not so much the L.

As I’ve blogged about before we want to create some color washes on the back wall of our stage. Camron brought out some LED fixtures and a projector (yes a projector check out his website to see some of the amazing work he’s done!). He also helped me get a better grasp on how we can use the lights we have to maximize the looks we can create. I don’t think we’re ready to move to architectural projection but I have some ideas to add color to our sanctuary with our existing lights and a few new fixtures.

We also talked about some very creative ways for the text and images to interact during worship songs and specials. Like letting the font be part of the design, not just arial (guilty) and using different weights or colors to bring focus during certain lyrics through the song. He wrote an article for Collide Magazine a few episodes ago about it. Very cool stuff.

I have pages of notes I took of ideas and techniques. Now to put a budget together and see what I can implement at different stages.


June 10, 2008. Tech Stuff.

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