More ProPresenter at GOC

We’ve been using ProPresenter in our main sanctuary since October of last year. I’ve also used it on my laptop for some special events in our gym. But we are about to expand the use of ProPresenter into a few more venues.

In our chapel, where our MidHigh and Young Adults service take place (same room but different times for the two groups), we are moving from Easy Worship to ProPresenter in a few weeks. Also during this summer the High School room is going to be moving over to ProPresenter.

Why are we making these changes?
– Our production is mac based around Final Cut so it’s easier to keep everything the same. No gamma issues and less file conversion. Plus most the production guys are using Macs during the week so they know macs better than PCs.
– Video playback has always been a problem on various PC machines. I don’t know who’s problem it is (not fast enough, not enough RAM or Video RAM, Windows Media Player or Easy Worship or the formats we encoded to) but I’ve found video playback out of ProPresenter to be rock solid. Even a huge file 45 minutes and around 12 GB that was video playback of a service for overflow.
– We’ve found ProPresenter to be the easiest program for volunteers, yet the most flexible and powerful for the way we run our services.

I hope I’m not coming across as dogging Easy Worship. The guys behind it’s development are some great guys and they’ve been extremely helpful when I’ve talked with them. It’s just not the right tool for us at this time. But it’s still a great tool for several of the rooms and venues (Children’s and Spanish Ministry) we have that are PC based people running them.

We’ll be making the change in the chapel the week after Father’s Day. I’ll post some pics when it’s done. If I’m ambitious I’ll also type up my notes when I do the training and post them, but I’m not making any promises.


June 9, 2008. Tech Stuff, Video.

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