HVX200a First Impressions

Well like I said I picked up the HVX200a on Friday. Besides shooting footage of my kids the other day I haven’t gotten out of the office to shoot much. But hopefully I’ll be able to put it through it’s paces this weekend.

I’m a manual kind of guy. I know that may make me in the minority but when I get a new piece of gear I actually sit down with it and the manual and go through all the settings so I understand what they mean and what it can and can’t do. So I’ve finished reading though the HVX book by Bob Green that came with the camera and skimmed most of the manual. The HVX book is a great resource!

My first impressions of this camera is wow! Now my background with prosumer/ industrial cameras has been our Sony DSR-200 and PDX-10. I’ve shot and used the Cannon XL-1/2 and GL-1/2 as well. But the HVX200 is in a different league. Just the feel of the camera is solid and the flexibility in customizing how the camera works and shoots in the menu options.

A few tips/ cool things I’ve found out:
– The camera will output HD over firewire and also component connections
– The marker reading under the zebra menu gives a reading of the brightness in the boxed area of the screen. Really helpful for setting lights when you don’t have a light meter
– Adjustments in the scene menu are not saved when the camera is powered down so save your scene files.
– P2 workflow is awesome! Delete bad clips on the fly so you don’t have to wade through them during log and capture. You can mark good clips on the fly and sort them later. Plug the camera into the computer and within minutes your footage is downloaded into FCP.
– Intra-frame codec means no conform on output! I was editing smoothly on my internal drive on my MBP!

My only real complaint about the camera so far is the flip out LCD. I wish it were a higher resolution and brighter. I think that’s one of the main reasons my footage of my kids came out so dark and I think I was using Zebras at 80 instead of 105.

And I haven’t figured out how to load up the scene files from Bob Green’s book onto an SD card that the camera will read. When I connect to the HVX to my MBP I don’t see the SD card. I don’t have an SD card reader but tried to copy the files via a digital camera, but the HVX won’t read the scene files.

As I said I hope to shoot more this weekend and I have a testimony video to shoot and edit next week. I’ll post more as I use the camera more.


June 4, 2008. Video.

One Comment

  1. Brent Homer replied:

    mmm…new camera smell. I love new cameras!

    I would try and use a low capacity 32meg sd card..or something under 256 megs. Make sure the card is fat32 and small. I have found that a lot of newer electronics can’t read big memory cards.

    Our new Konica copy machine can’t read a card over 256megs…that could be an issue.

    I wish my camera had a built in harddisk, but I had to go with the firestore….it is so nice to not have to use tapes.

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