Royalty Free Music

We’ve been using some BackTrax (I think that’s the right name for their first music library that wasn’t layered files) from Digital Juice for awhile. But to me they are cheesy and unless it’s supposed to be an over the top video I usually don’t like them. I’ve also tried to compose some music in Garage Band or Soundtrack Pro but I’ve never had enough time to really get the music the way I like it.

I know Digital Juice has their StackTraxx library but I’ve never really liked the juicer software and I was never pleased with the BackTraxx library.

I’ve been looking at Sonic Fire Pro. I’ve heard nothing but great stuff about them. I like the mood mapping to easily build emotional breaks into the music. The quality seems to be very good. But I’ve gotten different offers from them about every month to get a deal on Sonic Fire Pro, I’ve fallen into the trap of there will be a better deal soon so I should just wait.

So what are you using for your music behind your videos? Anyone have an opinion on Sonic Fire Pro or StaxTraxx? Or is anyone using something else that is awesome?


May 28, 2008. Sound, Tech Stuff, Video.


  1. Jon replied:

    We use a royalty-free library called DeWolfe ( Full online access to tons of tracks… Great search features to look based on mood or certain instruments. I usually spend about 10-20 minutes looking, and 30 seconds later my selected track or playlist is downloaded and ready to use in After Effects or Final Cut…

  2. Chris replied:

    StackTraxx are waaay better than the old BackTracks. You should have a listen to some of the demos on the DJ website. It’s really a night and day difference, and having the tracks in layers gives you a lot of possibilities.

    SonicFirePro is amazing. We saw it at NAB this year and are in the process of setting that up, so I don’t have a lot of experience with it yet. It’s quite a bit more expensive, of course, but the software will save us a ton of time.

    I’m a music library junkie and sometimes purchase individual discs from various libraries, just to keep things fresh. In that “buy out” category, 615 Music has some really nice stuff.

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