Dallas After Effect User Group: March Recap

Just wanted to share a recap of our meeting on Thursday. I was asked to explain text animators. Here’s my notes from the meetings.

Creating Text
Click with text tool (cmd+d) creates point text
Click and drag with text tool creates paragraph text
Right click with text tool converts point to paragraph
cmd+opt+shift creates point text in center of your comp
Commit text by selecting a different tool or enter on number pad
Imported from PS and choose layer/ convert to editable text
Safe Zones

Text Attributes
Font family and font style can be cycled through
Hide Selection with cmd+shift+h

Text Animators:
Source Text: Click on stopwatch to create hold keyframe, move down time and change text.
Add a text animator: Animations are offset of transform values. Set animators for scale, position and color
opt+shift+cmd hides elements hide the layer transform section
Range Selector: What is being affected by this animation. When characters fall outside the selection they are no longer affected by the animation
Start/End: Sets the range affected by the animation. Can be selected by slider or the selector bars in the comp window
If you select text before applying the animator the start and end are set for you
Offset: Moves the range through the text
Advance Tab
Units: Percentage or Index. Index refers to number of characters in the text
Based On: Characters/ characters w/o spaces/ words or lines
Mode: Controls how the range selector selects and interacts with other selectors. Like masks
Amount: Allows you to scale the intensity of the animator
Shape: Controls the transition zone between what is selected and excluded from the animator
Ease High: Refine the shape between what is included
Ease Low: Refines the shape between what is excluded.
It adjusts the Q or width of the transition. Not to be confused with easey ease which affects the speed of the animation.
Randomize: Randomizes the animation
Randomize Seed: Shuffles the deck. The randomness is based on the layer number and animator number
Wiggly Selector:
Mode: Allows you to start and stop the animation based on other selectors
Max/Min: Adjusts the range of adjustments
Based On: Characters/ characters w/o spaces/ words or lines
Wiggles/ Second: How many wiggles per second
Correlation: How similar are the individual character animations to each other
Temporal Phase: Changes the seed in time
Spatial Phase: Changes the seed through the text, Moves the pattern through the text
Lock Dimensions: Keeps x and y adjustments syncd
Random Seed: Generates a new random variation

Browse presets from Animation menu or effects and presets pannel
Double click to apply
UU to reveal what is being animated
Save your animation: animation/ save animation

Text Animation Tips:
Motion Blur is your friend
Layer with a particle or other effect to sell the animation


May 26, 2008. Video.

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