High Def Monitoring

For those of you working in High Def, what are you using to monitor your video? Most of my finished videos are played back through projectors on our campus or our digital signage system. I do a few DVDs that get sent out to members of the church from time to time. So I’m looking for the best bang for the buck, but something I’ll be happy with for the long haul. I’m looking at a few options:

Blackmagic Intensity Card. It has HDMI output for about $350 to a consumer plasma or lcd.

AJA Kona Lhe. It has a lot of input and output options with up/down and cross conversion. Plus it’s supposed to accelerate DVCProHD work. I’m 95% sold on getting the HVX200a. But this card is about $1,500 and I think might be overkill.

Matrox MXO I’ve read you can get great results pairing this up with a 23″ HD Apple Cinema Display. It’s output only and uses a DVI output of the Mac.

So my question is for you guys working in HD “What are you guys using to monitor with?”


May 20, 2008. Video.

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