Automatic Duck: FCP to AE the easy way.

As I’ve written before I’ve found some free ways to get my projects from FCP to AE for free. While they work for very basic shots that are just cuts, that’s all they do. I’ve also gotten inconsistent results on some projects. And there is not tech support.

Well recently I was able to get a copy of Pro Import AE from Automatic Duck. Last week I had a 2 camera shot that I needed to do some AE work on. Mainly color correction, noise removal from 1 camera and then apply a “look” to the shot. I was happy with how the look came out but not so much the video. It was for a sub ministry that they did the edit, I just finished it. The edit I was given was a multicam edit which the free ways don’t do.

Well Automatic Duck was smooth and worked as promised. Within a few minutes I was working on the project in AE. It’s great to see a product that does exactly what it says. I’ll post some screen shots of the video next week. (I’ve already left the office and that’s where the footage is).

If Final Cut and AE are part of your toolset you’ll want to pick this tool up.


May 16, 2008. Video.

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  1. Global Advance Promo « Creative Church Media replied:

    […] that was approved by the client I edited the B-Roll then I moved the project from FCP to AE using Automatic Duck’s […]

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