Texas Production Roundup

I had the chance yesterday to go check out a lot of cool toys at the Texas Production Roundup. It’s basically a post NAB show for local Dallas vendors.

Here are a few things that stood out to me:

1) Got the chance to talk to someone from Cartoni. I asked a really basic question but got a ton of information, what separates a $1,600+ tripod from a $400 tripod. All I can say is Cartoni makes some very nice tripods that you can adjust the drag on your pan and tilt movements and they are silky smooth. I then walked over and checked out a manufacturer of lower quality tripods and it felt clunky and cheap compared to the Cartoni.

2) Saw a very cool demo of Reflecmedia being used live with an ultimatte box pulling a very nice key. The system uses a glass bead micro-fiber that reflects a green or blue LED light ring from the camera. No spill and very clean. But it’s pricey. I think the basic system was around $3,500 and it might be too good to be true.

3) Had a chance to see several cameras up close and personal. I saw the HD cameras from Sony, JVC, Cannon and Panasonic under $10k. I’m still liking the HVX200a. It’s a minor update to an established camera but it is the most flexible system and can get me out of HDV/ DV codex. The only downside is no HD/SDI outputs. But I don’t know how big of a deal that is.

4) Matrox MXO2 looks bad to the bone. It brings in various flavors of HD and SD through various connectors and with injest the media via expresscard or PCIe card. It will then monitor in SD and/or HD. It allows you to calibrate an Apple Cinema display or consumer LCD/ Plasma for monitoring. All this for $1,500 is very nice. Considering the AJA iOHD is around $3,500. So if you have an HD camera that has HD/SDI output you an bring in a higher quality signal than you could get with HDV or DV.


May 14, 2008. Tech Stuff, Video.

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