Video: Maybe

Well here’s the result from one of the videos I worked on last week. Here’s my workflow:
-I found some high quality images from the artist Bida that were scanned in on a public domain website.
-Brought those images into Photoshop CS3. I used the quick selection tool to make a rough selection then went into quick mask mode to fine tune the selections. Having a Walcom Tablet makes this sooo much easier. I then moved the selection to a new layer
-I then used the clone tool to fill in the hole I just created in the background. I found it doesn’t have to be exact. Just try to match textures and colors around the hole you created.
-Brought the files into AE as a comp. Deleted the comp and created a new comp at my playout size of 720×480.
-Dropped my layers into the new comp. Turned on 3d layers and added a camera. Layered the layers about 300px from each other in 3d space. With the playhead at either the beginning or end of the comp, scale and position layers then position the camera to create the look you want.
-Move to the other end of the comp and move the camera to create either the move in or move out of the shot.
-Once I liked the look of the shot I added a spot light and an ambiant light to add some more texture and depth to the shot. I moved the spot light with the camera.
-Added Magic Bullet Looks as an adjustment layer to give the antique look of the shot.

You can check it out here:


May 13, 2008. Video.

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