Church Size and Media Staff

I know there is no pat answer for this but I’ve been wondering how some church’s staff their media team in relation to the church size as a whole. I know this varies hugely based on church styles as well. But I’m trying put a case together for possibly expanding our media staff or seeing if I’m just crazy. Anyway if you are involved in media/tech at your church, would you please leave a comment.

Let me know:
Church Size: We are around 4,500 (I think that’s the last number I heard). That includes all 3 services and we count everyone (adults, teens, kids) each service
Tech/Media Staff: 1 full time (me)
Scope of media/ tech ministry: Oversee media for services (print promotions, sermon gfx, video), digital signage content, a/v/l systems in all venues, a/v/l volunteers in sanctuary, website, live sound production and recording hmmm I’m sure there are some other things but it’s been a busy week.

May 8, 2008. Tech Stuff.


  1. mylifeisepic replied:

    church of 1,200 – no full time media guy yet.

  2. John replied:

    Current Church (sugar creek)
    3,600 attendance / 5-6k memebership
    1 Full-Time Tech Director – 2 Fullish-time associates

    responsible for all a,v,l systems and volunteers across campus. Each associate pays particular to the big ministries in our church (students/childrends)

    Our creative communications department:
    8 full-time
    (internet, childrens media, student media, Dept. Pastor/Team Leader, Dir. of Comm, Comm Specialist, 2 graphics/print room)
    responsible for print center, print media and all post production video

  3. rob lovell replied:

    church of 50, pastor(me) and my son(14) work with our worship pastor(volunteer). None of us, me included are paid staff and we aren’t professionals by any means, yet we are pulling off some pretty good stuff graphically and in the sound booth. We haven’t got into Video YET, but as our church and budget grows(we started with a declining church of 19,including my family of 6) we’ll incorporate projection and video. I feel pretty good seeing you guys in bigger congregations still working solo or with volunteers. I was beginning to think we were way behind,lol.

  4. Mike Sessler replied:

    Church Size: Total (2 communities in partnership) approx. 4500

    Tech Staff: 1 full-time—me, soon to be 2 FT; I have about 10 volunteers, the other community has about 6.

    Responsibilities: media production, sound, lights, presentation, all tech for weekend services, some IT stuff.

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