ProPresenter Gotchas

I’ve ran into a few gotchas in ProPresenter that I thought I’d share with you guys. And how I’ve “fixed” them.

1) New Presentation from Copied Text. I typically use paragraph breaks to identify how I want slides broken up. So ProPresenter looks for a Return/Return pattern. But if you use a text editor that can show invisible characters like Text Wrangler you’ll see that the slides that are causing you a problem typically have a Return Space Return patter. So remove the space and you’re good to go. I’m in the habit that while I’m in my text editor I will place the cursor at the beginning of the line I want to break and delete until I’m at the character of the line before it and then hit return 2 times.

2) Song automation. We’ve started using song automation for our specials. I don’t like it but the decision has been made that they want all they lyrics to every special on the screens. I understand it helps older people to understand what the song is about but I think it causes confusion because people don’t know if they should sing or listen, it magnifies mistakes, and it’s just plain ugly. I guess I need to make the time to create something visually appealing for the special but I don’t have the time right now. Any way we’ve been using song automation for tracks. Which sometimes we’ve run into problems of ProPresenter forgetting to change the slides. We will record the automation. You can see the hash marks showing when the slides are supposed to change. But I’ve found opening up the Sequence Cue Points (looks like a note to the right of the playback controls) and selecting “Show Slides After Selection” seems to fix it.

I just noticed that there is a new release 3.3.3 that went live Wed. It’s supposed to fix the quick edit/ undo crashes. That’s been my major complain lately. Hopefully this will fix it.


May 2, 2008. Tech Stuff, Video.


  1. john replied:

    in reference to the song automation, I have found that when your done recoding your song you should let it flip through all of the slides as it attempts to play through the track with now audio at warp speed. When I prevent it from doing so by switching to a new slide or something, it gets über unpredictable on what its going to play back.

  2. Dave replied:

    I’ve noticed it works great on Sat PM. But after shutting down and booting up on Sun AM is when we run into problems. It’s weird how it’ll run fine in practice but then wig out during first service.

    I think I’ve found if the option “show slides after selection” is selected it seems to solve the problem. I really need to try to test it out more in a controlled environment to isolate what the problem is.

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