Lightroom Beta Invite

I’ve gone the cheap route to organize and edit my photos. I was using Bridge and Camera Raw/ Photoshop but my file structure doesn’t allow for easy searching. I then tried iPhoto but it does not handle RAW files well. It duplicates the file instead of using a small data file so my photo library was multiplying in size!

I downloaded the demos of Aperture and Lightroom and I really like Lightroom. I think they are both great programs just more of a personal preference. So I was getting ready to buy Lightroom but it looks like if I buy it now I’ll have to pay for an upgrade when 2.0 comes out. So does anyone have an invite for the beta version? The current beta is only valid for 30 days which I only have 1 day left. Anyone care to share some love and send me an invite? Thanks


May 2, 2008. Uncategorized.

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