I decided to sign up for a fxphd and all I have to say is wow! Fxphd is an online training in just about every area of production and post production. A lot of it covers tools I don’t know if I’ll ever touch but there is a ton of knowledge here.

How it works is for $330 you sign up for 3 classes + a required class called background fundamentals. You can preview the first 2 weeks of all the classes and then you have to lock them in. If you decide to enroll mention me as your referrer and I’ll get a free class. My id is dave.smith.

So far I’ve locked in 2 of my classes and can’t decide on the 3rd. I’m taking an AE 220-After Effects Beyond the Basics class with Mark Christianson and I’m taking AE 301- A Guerrilla Filmmakers Guide to After Effects with Garth Edwards. Check out his work on Atilla The Hun for the BBC.

My last class is a toss up between DV Rebel (which I’ve finished reading the book and learned a lot, now just to start applying it) and a Final Cut Studio Pro 2 class. I didn’t think I’d be that interested in the FCP class since I’ve been using FCP since 2.0 but I learned so much watching the first class I might take it. Or I might pay an extra $90 and take both classes. Hmmmmm…..

Here’s a shot I worked on from my AE 301 class. I composited in the Statue of Liberty into the shot.

Here’s the quick break down of the shot:
– Track motion and rotation of shot, apply tracking data to a null
– Take a still from the end of the shot into Photoshop. Scale and place the Statue of Liberty. Select a section of the background plate to bring in front of the statue to composite it properly
– Back in AE parent the statue and foreground tree layer to the null
– Color match statue to plate
– Added some haze and blur to sell the shot.


April 29, 2008. Video.

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