Champions Video

I’m finishing up reading The DV Rebel’s Guide. While the tag line and focus of the book is about making “Killer Action Movies on the Cheap” it’s really about getting high production value our of any setup you may be shooting with. I only wish I would have finished it before I shot these testimony videos.

Champions is a 15 or 16 week course our youth ministry does each year. Kids get training and encouraging through these classes, devotionals and memory verses to live a life that is sexually pure and drug and alcohol free.

I was setting up for the shoot and realized my backdrop has gone AWOL and 2 lights in my kit were broken/ missing pieces. O the joys of other ministries “borrowing” stuff.

Jesse LaBauve (our youth creative arts guy) did the rough edit and I thought he did a great job. I just took it from there doing color correction/ grading with Color Finesse, removed some noise from my shots and established a creative look for the video. I then took the audio into ProTools from compression and EQ. I also added the music in ProTools and bounced it out.

I’m finding myself making my edits in FCP then going to AE to finish my looks. I find the tools in AE more powerful, easier to use. I’m also able to render my effects in 16 bit instead of 8 bit. I don’t know if FCS2 has 16 bit but I’m hoping to upgrade soon. 16 bit really improves the quality when applying multiple effects.

I found my free ways to get from FCP to AE were not translating my timeline accurately. The shoot was a wide shot and a medium shot. We synced them with a camera flash. Wide angle on bottom and medium shot on the track above and then just razor bladed the edits. Multicam wasn’t an option as my free FCP to AE ways don’t handle this. But the edits in AE weren’t lining up so I used The Magnum Edit Detector. It looks like I’m going to be able to get Automatic Duck soon though. Hip-Hip-Horray!!!

On to the videos. Here is the rough uncorrected/ unstyled video:

Here’s the finished video after running it through AE and ProTools:


April 18, 2008. Video.

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