NAB Thoughts Part 1

I didn’t make it to NAB. But it won’t stop me from sharing some of my thoughts. First off I’m in the market for a new video camera as I’ve mentioned before.

New Sony PMW-EX3
Sony expanded their PMW-EX line with the PMW-EX3. The EX3 adds HD-SDI output and interchangeable lens. I’m sure if there is an adapter to use SLR prime lenses with this camera, you could get some great looking pictures with shallow DOF. HD-SDI is a nice addition, nice for IMAG use and hopefully you can get an uncompressed signal out of the camera. But the price puts it out of my budget.

Panasonic HPX-170
Seems to be a small update to the HVX-200. HD-SDI output, same advantage I mentioned about the PMW-EX3. Wider angle lens, nice. For my purpose either the HPX-170 or the HVX-200 would be great cameras. That because they are bridge cameras (half SD/ half HD). And it gets me out of DV/HDV format for effects/ compositing/ green screen.

Red Scarlet
Red is redefining digital cinematography. Their current camera shoots in a raw file format like a DSLR. Their scarlet camera is promising 2/3″ chips delivering 3k resolution at $3k. Details are few with lots of questions about what the camera is actually going to become. The idea of shooting this quality at this price point is very appealing. But Red is a unique format with a very demanding post production workflow. It will be interesting to see how this camera shapes up.

Other Stuff
The Assistant Editor
Looks like a very cool application. But you have to be organized in your shooting and logging. How much I like it will depend on how much it costs.

Adobe CineDNG. Looks to bring the advantage of the RAW workflow that RED has to other cameras. Hopefully breaking digital video out of it’s limited dynamic range. Might it make video emulate film with better highlights and shadows??? Hope so!

Hmmm that’s all I can think about right now. I’ll post more if I can think about it.


April 17, 2008. Video.

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