ProPresenter Questions???

My grandparents have been in town this week. So we’ve taken some time off and they’ve been spending time with their great-grandchildren.

I looked at my blog stats and it seems like my ProPresenter posts ahve drawn a lot of interest. So does anyone have any ProPresenter question? Anything they’d like to see written up about ProPresenter or ProVideo player?


April 16, 2008. Video.


  1. Ryan replied:

    I think in general people across the country are looking to upgrade to a new system right now (we are). ProPresenter is getting a ton of buzz. At least for me, I’ve been reading every and any post about it to get a better idea of how people like it.

    Nothing specific, just opinions. That’s what I’m looking for.

  2. Gordon replied:

    Hi Dave,
    I’m curious to know more about how the pro presenter advanced module works in conjunction with pro video player since our church recently started using pro presenter. I am wondering if I am able to adjust the hue, saturation, brightness of individual video clips I have in propresenter via pro video player or am I only able to do global adjustments and not individual ones.

  3. Dave replied:

    Hey Gordon,
    In PVP you can control the speed, hue, saturation, brightness and contrast of an individual clip or on a global basis.

    With the advance module any global changes made in PVP are applied to the background elements in ProPresenter.

    When you change a video in PVP the background video changes in ProPresenter. It’s like this. Say you have 10 playlists in each PVP and 10 background playlist ProPresenter, When you select the 4th video in the 2nd playlist in PVP, the 4th video in the 2nd playlist is selected in ProPresenter. The module doesn’t look at filenames just numerical order.

  4. Gary Gerber replied:

    I am running ProPresenter at church and I am wanting to be able to work on pictures and movies on my Windows Vista computer at home. I was wondering if Adobe PhotoShop and Premier Element pictures and videos could be read and shown in ProPresenter.

  5. Dave replied:

    I create our sermon graphics in Photoshop. I then batch process them to be saved as JPEGs.

    ProPresenter will show both the native PSD file and the JPEG. But the native PSD will have a pixelated preview but will display on your presentation.

    As for video formats. ProPresenter uses QuickTime as it’s media engine. So anything QuickTime will play, ProPresenter will play. Premiere should be able to export to a QuickTime file but you’ll have to experiment to discover the best settings.

    Just letting you know that this blog as moved to You can find new content there!

  6. Campbell replied:

    Hey Dave, I am using PP demo to try and get my church to buy into using it as their presentation software. How can I get it to go between PP and keynote seemlessly? what setting on the laptop do I need to do that. I found I can use PP and switch to K/Note but once in KN you cant get back to PP without seeing on screen all the changes. Your help would be much appreciated.

  7. Dave replied:

    You should be able to switch between Keynote and ProPresenter seamlessly by using cmd+tab or choosing the app on the dock. The active app will control your second screen.

    The only way to get around that is to use the freeze button on your projector or switcher to freeze one image from one program while adjusting the other program.

    What we did was export JPEGs out of Keynote and bring them into ProPresenter so we didn’t have to switch back and forth. You don’t get the animation from Keynote but I think animations in a presentation are cheesy beyond a simple fade.

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