Wii For Me!!!

For my birthday last week my wife bought me a Wii. We’ll she tried to buy a Wii but they can be tricky to find. So I should say for my birthday my wife let me find a Wii. It took my brother about a month to find his. He made daily journeys to Best Buy and Circuit City until he finally scored one.

I found this out last Thursday. That night I got online and did a little searching. I found WiiAllerts. It’s a site that tracks the status of Wiis and will email you, text you or if you follow wheels64 on twitter will alert you when Wiis are available online. The next day I was working, got a twitter alert on my phone. Logged on and ordered me a Wii. It got here Wed and has been a blast.

The graphics can’t compete with PS3 or XBox360 but the game play is so fun for the whole family. We’ve been playing Wii Sports and Wii Play. My wife kills me at bowling, both in real life and on the wii. But I enjoy Tennis the most.

Anyone have any good games to recommend?


March 28, 2008. Random, Tech Stuff.

One Comment

  1. vagabondrunn replied:

    Glad you were able to find a Wii.

    Thanks for posting the various ways you used to locate one in a time efficient manner.


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