Mmmmm Good…

Last week I celebrated my 31 birthday. One of my presents was a burr coffee grinder. I’ve been a coffee connoisseur for awhile now. A few months ago I picked up a discontinued espresso machinet that was $400 from Starbucks for $90! Score!

The machine is great but I haven’t been able to get the right shot of espresso out of it. Enter the burr grinder. Instead of a blade to grind the beans like my cheap grinder I’ve had. A burr grinder allows you to adjust how fine the beans will be ground.

I picked up some beans from Central Market and ground them espresso fine. This resulted in amazing lattes! With not only more flavor but I think more caffeine because they sure wake me up in the morning!!!


March 26, 2008. Random.


  1. Brent Homer replied:

    Nice! Christmas 2006 I got a kitchen-aid burr grinder and it is the best gift ever! I use a french press and I get amazing coffee. It seems silly that a grinder can make a difference, but it does! I read the regular chopper grinders burn the beans with friction and that is why burr grinders are better.

    Try a rough grind and a french press…you won’t need espresso anymore!

  2. Dave replied:

    I’m a big fan of the French Press too. I’ll have to give it a try.

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