Easter 2008 Videos

I had 3 videos for Easter, but 1 of them got canned. It was a bad concept so I’m glad it was canned.

My other 2 videos were testimonies. I shot them on campus with our Sony PDX-10 and DSR-200 DVCams. I used a Lowel Omni light with a bounce umbrella. I used a grey-ish backdrop we have. I was looking for a dramatic look.

I edited the project in FCP and then sent the video to AE via the FCPtoAE script I wrote about. I then used Color Finesse for color correction and Magic Bullet Looks to style the piece.

Here’s Mark’s Video:

Here are some screen shots of the raw footatge:

Mark Raw WS

Mark Raw CU

And some screen shots of the final video:

Mark Final WS

Mark Final CU

Here’s Mike’s Video:

Before Screen Shots:

Mike WS Raw

Mike CU Raw

Final Screen Shots:

Mike WS Final

Mike CU Final


March 25, 2008. Video.

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  1. Final Cut to After Effect the FREE way! - The Church Media Community replied:

    […] it, I wanted to use Color Finesse’s secondary color correction. You can see the finished videos here as well as some before and after screen shots. I knew Automatic Duck would do it well but I […]

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