Easter 2008 Overflow/ Tech Stuff

For overflow and other events we’ve gathered a decent portable setup. In fact most startup churches I think would love to have it. We have a live band lead worship in the gym. And then switch over to a video feed of the specials and the sermon from the sanctuary.

Here’s a quick run down of our portable gear:
-Portable stage from Intellistage
– 2 Mackie SRM450 Mains
– 1 Mackie Sub SWA1501 Sub
– Driverack PA for main DSP
– 16×4 Snake in a Bag
– 2 Dell 3000 ANSI lumen Projectors
– 2 Rear projection screens
– ProPresenter running on my MacBook Pro
– Video/ CPU signals were sent over Cat5 via Magenta Research boxes

We rented a 24 channel Midas Venice, a FOH stage rack with comps, gates and FX units. We also rented a 4 Meyer monitors from Gemin Stage and Lighting

To capture the specials and sermon in the sanctuary we use the cameras we have: Sony PDX-10, Sony DSR-200 and an old Pannasonic SVideo camera. The Pannasonic actually has the best lens out of the 3 but I think it’s dying a slow death. It’s all mixed at s-video using a Datavideo SE-500 mixer.

In the past we’ve worked real hard to get a live video signal down to the gym. It has been the biggest struggle to get good video and audio down to the gym. During setup on Sat I had a critical box fail to make this happen. So I had the idea why don’t I record Sat service and play that back?

So I used a Sony A/D box we have to record the feed from the switcher into iMovie. FCP was giving my a mismatched audio resolution error with the box. But iMovie worked great. I used QuickTime Pro to trim the movie. I then played the movie back out of ProPresenter.

The video still didn’t look great on the big screens since I’m mixing at S-Video resolution and trying to match multiple cameras.

But I had a great idea for next year. If we don’t buy a new camera this year I’m renting a camera or two like the HVX200 that records into a solid state format. Import into FCP. Edit my sermon points in or create lower thirds in advance. Render out and I’m done. I know it’ll be a lot of work that night. But I think it will give us a great experience in the overflow room. The HVX will even sync timecode via firewire. You can sync your cameras and then go shoot, starting and stopping as you please. As long as the cameras are not powered down, the timecode keeps syncd.


March 25, 2008. Tech Stuff.

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