FCP to AE the FREE way

Just following up from my earlier post about going from FCP to AE.

I tried out the two scripts Magnum and FCPtoAE and the both work, with limitations. I ran my tests on a 2 camera interview with just cuts, no transitions. They both pale in the flexibility and functionality Automatic Duck has, but for me they will do the job. Here’s my take on both scripts.

Magnum works with any video file placed in AE. You select the layer then run this script. The script gives you two options: mark the layer where it detects new scenes or split the layer. You also have a “sensitivity slider” for how it detects the new scenes. For me the default setting worked just fine. If you don’t like the results you can undo, adjust the sensitivity slider and try again. It does take some time for it to process the clip. I was working with a clip just over 2 minutes and it took less than a minute for the script to run on my 2.4 dual core MBP with 4 GB of RAM.

FCPtoAE works by first exporting an XML file from FCP. From my understanding it does not support layered sequences or multi-clips. It will not import content generated from within FCP. I don’t know how it handles a motion file. This is where Automatic Duck would come in handy. It also only takes the first 2 audio layers. Not that that is a major problem for me. If I needed the audio I could always export a AIFF file. From AE you run the FCPtoAE script which asks you to locate the XML file. AE quickly imports the needed files and creates a sequence in your project panel. It did it so quick I wasn’t sure it worked. On my mac it did open up some application ExdenerScript Toolkit or something. So I thought the script was broken but when I looked at the project panel my sequence was there. FCPtoAE brings your files in with the ability to trim your layers as needed compared to Magnum. The first versions of this script were actually an application. But digging further you realize that it’s actually a script. It’s a script with a time out expiration so it seems you have to go back to this site every few months to get the new version.


March 12, 2008. Uncategorized.

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