ProPresenter Codec Smackdown: Round 1

I’ve been able to make some progress on my challenge:
-Switching from RGB to DVI made a huge improvement.
-I can notice quite a bit of banding on gradients on DV-NTSC video
-I tried a H.264 file and it looks great. I’m still tweaking some of the presets in compressor to find the best size/ quality tradeoff.

I tried H264, DV-NTSC and animation files. All files played smoothly taking no more than 66% of CPU resources.

To dig deeper in this challenge I need to calibrate our projectors. We replaced the bulbs just before Chirstmas and I haven’t spent the time to really dial the setting in. They are close but I want to tweak them some more to make sure I’m evaluating the codec and not just the contrast setting causing the banding.

Some of the other benefits of playing the videos from ProPresenter:
-Smooth cross fading in and out of clip instead of fade through black with the Kramer.
-During playback ProPresenter shows a timeline so you know how much time is remaining on the clip.
-Less buttons to dim lights and play the video compared to DVD.

But I’m going to start leaning to using ProPresenter for video playback. I’m going to keep the DVDs as a backup. But we’ll see how long that lasts.


March 10, 2008. Tech Stuff, Video.

One Comment

  1. John Austin replied:


    h.264 seems to be the best format for us at the creek. We use h.264 whenever we get it. Out of the recommended codecs from RV on there website, we’ve just leaned on h.264 with success.

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