Losing the iLove for iPhoto

Awhile ago I wrote about how much I was loving iLife. Especially iPhoto for an easy way to organize my pictures. I still think iLife is a great tool for churches or anyone who is beginning to create media. You have the tools to start a decent looking web page, print products, create great looking presentations, picture montages, edit videos and burn DVDs all from iLife and iWork.

But iPhoto can chew up your hard drive. I shoot RAW files on my DSLR. But iPhoto’s non-destructive was of editing is to create a copy of everything. Even for simply rotating a file. I had about 6 GB of pictures in my iPhoto library but my iPhoto library was bulging up to 13 GB. There were GBs of modified files and iPod files. So as much as I’ve liked the very visual way of sorting my photos I’m looking for a new solution.

So I’m looking at Apple’s Aperture and Adobe’s Lightroom. Both of these apps modify a database that stores information about how the RAW file is to be interpreted. Instead of creating duplicates. Aperture 2.0 is a much needed update. I like the interface and the flexible workflow. I like the tethered shooting option. Don’t think I’d use it but it sure is cool. I like the loupe tool and the project view that is very similar to iPhoto 08 event view.

I used Lightroom when it was a beta. I don’t like it’s modular workflow. It forces me into a workflow but the good side is it actually puts a workflow in front of me. I like Adobe’s adjustment menu. Before I was using iPhoto I was using Bridge and Camera Raw/ Photoshop for my photos so Lightroom feels very familiar when it comes to adjusting my pictures. Adobe stays on top of camera releases where Apple has drug behind. I have no plans on buying a new camera so that doesn’t apply.

I think they are both competent tools. I can see them leapfrogging each other in new features. I think it comes down to personal preference. And for me price. Apple’s academic pricing ($179, a $20 discount) that I qualify for is almost twice what Adobe’s price is ($99 a $200 discount). For me I can’t justify the price difference. If I didn’t qualify for the academic price, I’d go with Aperture since it’s retail price is $100 cheaper.


March 6, 2008. Graphic Design, Tech Stuff.

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