Leopard Upgrade

Well I decided to test the Leopard waters and clean up my hard drive. I duped my hard drive with superduper and then began a clean install. I have the Leopard upgrade disks but the upgrade wasn’t recognizing 10.4 on my boot drive. Turns out after running disk utility from the system disks, my file structure had some fatal flaws. So I had to restore my system disks before I could upgrade to Leopard.

I transfered my user from my duped drive but I did a clean install of my apps. I moved from Parallels to VMware Fussion. I setup a 250 GB external drive as my Time Machine. So far everything seems to be working fine:
Adobe CS3 Master Collection
Final Cut Studio 1
ProTools LE 7.3 (recorded an hour, I haven’t installed plugins beside the basics). This was my biggest concern.

I haven’t really dug into any application to test it’s stability. But I should be able to over the next few days.

So far I’m happy with Leopard. Some things I’m liking so far:
Spotlight is wicked fast
Time Machine is just cool
Quick Look is brilliant
I haven’t really gotten into spaces but I think I will
I like the download stack
I like the new finder
I chat is better organized and smarter remembering your last conversations
Screen sharing is very cool
Notes in mail
Search in application help menu.

I’m not crazy about the new dock, I’d like the blue dots to stand out more. VMware’s Fussion is very impressive for when I have to open up windows. (Yamaha Studio Manager and Professional Wireless IAS). Much better than the old version of Parallels I was running.

That’s my quick take on Leopard. Overall I’m really liking it.


March 4, 2008. Tech Stuff.

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