Is It Leopard Time Yet?

I’ve had my Leopard discs sitting on my desk since Leopard came out.

But I’ve only upgraded our ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer machines. This was mainly after reading on their forums that Leopard was working great and we were having problems on 10.4.11

There are some features I’m excited about:
-Time Machine
-Back to my Mac to get those design files I forgot to load on my laptop
-Screen Sharing over network or iChat (this is great for setting up PVP or PP3 or tech help)
-It’s supposed to be the latest and greatest and there is just something about wanting to be there too

But I’ve had my reasons for waiting:
-My laptop is working well and didn’t want to mess anything up
-A few Adobe apps reported problems but I think they are working fine now
-ProTools has yet to announce compatibility. I mainly use my laptop for recording, which I’ve tested on the iMac and G5 in the soundbooth and both recorded fine into ProTools on Leopard.
-Our color printer (Konica Minolta C6500) does not have Leopard drivers. (I can send a PDF to our office ,umm I don’t know his title but he oversees the printers/ copiers and the work room, and he prints and finishes most my files anyway.
-I’m still running Final Cut Studio 1. I don’t know if there are problems or if I’ll need to upgrade to FCS2

Currently I’m going to hold off on updating my MBP and the Mac Pro to leopard. At least until ProTools gets updated. But as I look at the list I don’t have a super compelling reason to upgrade. But I want to. It’s weird how I can so easily get fixated on something new and great. It’s the consumerism mentality in our society that I must fight every day.

So is it Leopard time yet? Any of you made the jump? Any problems with Final Cut Studio, Adobe Master Collection, ProTools? For me not quite.


February 29, 2008. Tech Stuff.

One Comment

  1. Brent Homer replied:

    I made the jump 10 days ago. It is so much better. My computer is a lot faster. I also did the erase install option. I heard too many horror stories about “upgrading”.

    btw: screen sharing is amazing. now when you click on the network computer an icon is above it that lets you connect as or screen share as…it’s pretty wild to control Propresenter from a computer in another room.

    Some of the preferences moved as well, and that has taken a bit of adjusting. I still can’t figure out how to mount a shared volume as a shortcut on the desktop….

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