Running Out Of Space

My laptop isn’t even a year old. When I got the 160 GB hard drive I thought I’d be set for awhile. I wish I would have gotten the 7200 rpm model. But at the time they were saying those models were on a 4-6 week back order. And I had already waited for the newest models to be announced.

The only app I think that takes a hit for the hard drive speed is Guitar Hero III. But a faster hard drive isn’t going to help my fingers move any faster on that game. I’m still working my way through on the medium level. I tried hard today on an easy song and failed miserably.

My current drive was down to about 10 GB free. I dumped some audio loops I never used and moved some stuff to other drives and now I’m up to 25 GB free.

I have about 14 GB of music. 13 GB from 3 seasons of The Office that were on iTunes. Plus podcasts and some other video stuff. I have a bunch of movies I ripped for iPod/iPhone and PSP but I burned those out to disk for archive. I have probably about 30 GB in pictures (lots and lots of RAW files from my Nikon D70). Pictures over a year old and my videos live on my iPod and a 100GB hard drive I have at home.

I also carry around a 80 GB G-Drive Mini that is running out of space. All my graphic design projects (22 GB), digital signage files (6GB), design resources (16GB), plus current video projects and ProTools projects.

When I bought the laptop I thought it would be easy to upgrade the hard drive. The new MacBooks make it about as easy as adding RAM. I had upgraded an hard drive in an old titanium PowerBook without too much trouble. So I saw there is a 320 GB 5400 RPM laptop drive out. This would double my storage and allow be to move most my content living on other drives onto my external drive. But I don’t know how swapping out hard drives will impact my Apple Care. And the instructions to replace the hard drive involves a lot of screws and some pretty invasive prying.

So I’m debating just getting another firewire drive to carry with me. A 200 GB 7200 RPM would allow me to get a lot of content on there. All my design/ media files + my personal videos and pictures. Or look into either Apple or an Apple service center would upgrade my hard drive for me.


February 27, 2008. Tech Stuff.

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