What Not To Do With A Portable Hard Drive

I have a G-Drive Mini that I use with my MacBook Pro. Found out one thing you don’t want to do with it. The hard drive is bus powered and I was running on my laptop battery. Well the battery ran out. It really ran out. I left the drive connected to the drive over night. Well I plugged the power adapter into my laptop and the laptop woke back up, but the hard drive was non-responsive. I rebooted and the drive came up but I had a new folder on my drive called “lost+found”. In the folder was 31 folders. Each folder was a 4 digit number. Inside those folders were random files and folders that were moved from other parts of the drive.


I didn’t lose anything off the drive but it was weird. Note to self don’t leave a bus powered hard drive into my laptop overnight with out power.


February 25, 2008. Tech Stuff.

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