The World’s Best

I’m a documentary fan. It drives my wife crazy that I’ll have 2 or 3 documentaries from Blockbuster online at a time. Earlier this week I watched King Of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. I was intrigued by what some people will do to become the best in the world at something. With the 08 olympics coming up you’ll see the emotional back story videos about what these athletes sacrifice to be the best. I don’t know how many entrepreneurs have invested their entire lives to make a business successful. I like watching the podcast Cool Hunting to see what different artists do. But some of these artists invest their entire live into their amazing art.

Maybe I just don’t have the drive and personality these people do. But at what price are you paying to attempt to be the world’s best? How many hours are they investing into their business/ hobby/ art? What are you missing out on?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not wanting to judge these other people. I read somewhere that if you invest an hour a day to study a topic, depending on the topic, you can be an expert in 4 years. I know since I’ve been doing media full time for the last 3.5 years I’ve seen my skill set and knowledge multiply from where I was at then. But I just don’t have the drive or willing to pay the price to become the world’s best at something.

I get really bummed when I don’t get to spend a couple of hours a day with my kids and wife. I can’t imagine something that I’d be willing to sacrifice that time for. There have been times because of work I’ve gone a couple of days with only seeing my kids for 15-30 minutes a day. I get depressed. I don’t travel to out of town conferences for this reason. Guess I want to be the best husband and father that I can be.

Here’s a tangent that I’ve been dealing with. I’ve read that to be a success in media you need to narrow your focus. But for my role as Tech Director for a church I oversee live event production, tech setup, video shooting, editing, motion graphics, graphic design, print design, web design, audio post production and probably a few more.

I really enjoy the variety this brings. I can tell you what skills I’m stronger at and which ones I’m weaker at. But I also feel that I’m not able to do my best in most of these areas because of time. Time to develop the skills and time to execute “A-game” quality. Ideally I’d like to bring on a one or two people on staff help me out. We’re a church of 4,500 people on a weekend and I’m the only media guy on staff (the youth have a worship/media guy for there stuff and young adults has a part time worship/media guy as well).

I feel like I have a unique skill set, but I feel like my portfolio of work is not what it should be if I could just focus on a couple of these areas. I can be the great in a couple of these areas but not all these areas. Not the world’s best but still great at it.

What do you want to be the best at? What price are you willing to pay?


February 22, 2008. Personal Growth, Random.

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