Wireless White Spaces

If you haven’t heard things are changing in the world of wireless. There is currently a bid for the frequency block from 698 Mhz and up. That means whatever wireless mics a church has will be susceptible to the technology that will be developed in these frequencies. We have 46 wireless mics on campus, 16 of these mics fall in the 700-800 Mhz. We have the following mics that fall in that category:
– 4 of 6 Sennhieser G2 EW100 in our College/Jr.High/Chapel
– 6 of 6 Sony wireless mics in 1 of our Children’s Church rooms
– 4 of 6 Sennhieser G2 EW100 in our youth room
– 1 Sennhieser G2 EW100 in the sanctuary
– 1 Sennheiser G2 Camera kit

If we were able to replace these mics with comparable Senn G2 in other frequencies we’d be looking at about an $8k expense. But we have a 11 of the Senn A band mics already. The B band is pretty congested with TV channels in our area. So I don’t think we can get that many Senn EW100 working in those bands so we’ll probably have to look at other mics. So that most likely will bump our expense, depending on what mics we get, up around $12k.

The timeframe is in about a year for this switch to happen. I don’t know if our mics will run into interference overnight but it could… So I’ll be doing some frequency coordination and evaluation of needs to see what mics we should upgrade to. And if some of these mics can be replaced with wired mics. I’m not making any purchases yet but I want to be ready if I need to.


February 20, 2008. Sound, Tech Stuff.


  1. David replied:

    Good to see someone else in Houston is researching this issue.

    Here is our situation:
    Rather than start looking for work arounds or fixes, we are going to purchase new ULXP’s for our Sanctuary to avoid in “white outs” during a Sunday service.

    You being a Media director as well can understand the important of having no mics drop out during a service is a priority.

    A question from me: Do you use any type of antenna amplification?

    • Dave replied:

      We are using 8 ULXP handhelds in our sanctuary too. We use Shure’s Antennae/ Power distro units (Shure UA844SWB) and Wideband Antennae (Shure UA870USTV)

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