Review: Sabine SWM7000

With the changes in wireless in the US, there has been a renewed interest in Sabine’s SWM7000 system. A few years ago we demoed their 2.4 Ghz wireless system with the beltpacks. The beltpacks were big and a pain in the butt to open the battery compartment. It looks like they redesigned it. We were using the beltpack with a DPA 4088 for spoken word. On paper they looked great. We could get out of the UHF mess. Basic DSP built into the mics. This was before we got a digital board so that was nice. We demoed a single channel unit and we were pleased with it and purchased 4 of them, 2 dual channel units.

The demo unit worked great but the one’s we purchased were nothing but problems. We suffered from drop outs. Mics were mounted in the booth about 60 feet from the stage with great sight lines. We moved the receivers on stage and still had problems. We had a reputable national AV firm try to trouble shoot any instal/ environment problems. We sent the units back to Sabine they tested them and said they were functioning properly. Sent them back again and they replaced them with new units. Finally returned them for a refund.

We ended up picking up a lectrosonics venue system that has been awesome.

Our experience with Sabine was over 2 years ago and they still have the same testimonials on their website. They’ve gotten very little traction in the pro audio market.

I read some articles online by people smarter than me, who work for other wireless mic manufacturers, talking about the problems of 2.4 Ghz for audio transmission why their companies had given up on it.

It looks like a great idea. But in my experience it didn’t work out well.


February 20, 2008. Sound.

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  1. Alex replied:

    We’re having the same problems with a SWM 7000 dual receiver. Using the Sabine beltpack mic that is probably 50 ft from the receiver. Signal strength is VERY weak, usually down to 1 bar. We’ve had some dropouts and there are sporadic muted popping sounds coming from the system. Overall, we’re pretty disappointed in this “as good as wired” system because – it ain’t. On top of that, go to Sabine’s website and you’ll see no references at all to “support”. Apparently there is none. Overall review: crappy product, no support, avoid Sabine.

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