Mixing Bare Bones

Friday night the married LIFE Groups from my church put on a Valentine’s Banquet. I got roped in to supply the sound system and run sound. At first I was dreading it but it turned out to be a great time.

I was able to take a complete sound system and fit it in my 4 door ’97 Chevy Cavalier. Here’s the system I took:
-1 Powered Mackie Sub SWA1501
-2 Powered Mackie SRW450
-Gig rig with Mackie 1402, DBX Driverack PA and a Tascam CD-A700 CD/Tape Player
-Vocalists were on 2 Sennheiser EW100 G2 wireless handhelds with 835 capsules
-Actors were on 2 Seenheiser EW100 G2 lapels, I can’t remember what model the lapels were but they are directional
-MC was on a Shure SM58 with Sennheiser G2 XLR plugon
-Lead pastor dressed up as the character “Dr. Love” was on a Sennheiser G2 bodypack with DPA 4088 headset.

OK in light of the grand scheme this would be a nice setup for a small church. Guess bare bones isn’t the right title but all I had was a high/mid/low EQ on each channel and no dynamics or FX. The band was submixed on a board they brought and I had a group feed. To me when I’m used to mixing on a M7CL it was bare bones.

The band was a great group. The two vocalists, a guy and girl, were great. The guy, Haskel, leads worship at our church and has a great voice. The girl who sang with him, Mellisa, was a girl he met when he was on American Idol (He made it to California but not to the final 12 or 24 or whatever number it is). But this girl was at another level when she sang. My jaw dropped during sound check.

I had a great time on this simple setup. I was mixing off to the side of the stage and had a small powered Yamaha MSP3 as a fill (would have been nice to have it delayed to the mains). But I really had a fun time mixing the band and skits. It’s been awhile since I’ve mixed a band that I really enjoyed their music.

It’s sad but in the past year there have only been a handful of times that I’ve really enjoyed mixing the band. Most of the music at my church is OK but it’s not my style. Doesn’t get me excited.

We did have a few problems. We never got a sound check on the drama actors and the the first 2 skits one of the mics was muted. They were changing mics on the opposite side of the room from me. One time I thought Haskel and the band were going to start a song so I unmuted the mics, checked my cue sheet and was surprised my some loud feedback. The band hadn’t started and Haskel walked over to me, passing a few feet in front of the mains, to ask me a question. And “Dr. Love” was clipping his mic when he got excited. But not bad for very minimal sound checks.


February 20, 2008. Sound.

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