Interactive Whiteboard or IMAG???

Our pastor has decided he wants to use a whiteboard in his teachings. But our room seats around 1200 so it would be impossible to see what’s on the whiteboard from a distance. So I’m looking for options to get his sketches on the main screens.

We currently only do IMAG for water baptisms and we do video over flow for big services (Christmas Eve and Easter).

The first step I’m going to do is setup a white board and shoot it with our current cameras. But our cameras are pretty low end (Sony DSR-200 and Sony PDX-10) so this might be a great opportunity to upgrade a camera or two (Sony PMW-EX1s maybe???).

Some concerns I have about using IMAG:
– Dealing with him moving infront of the board? I can use 2 cameras or maybe a camera mounted on the board
– Will the image be visually interesting?
– Do I have enough light on stage?
– Will it be legible, will there be enough contrast between the marker and the board, will the writing be thick enough to read

Another thought is to use an interactive white board, tablet PC or touch sensitive LCD/plasma display. But our pastor is a technophobe. My past experience is if it can go wrong he has a way of making it go wrong. So I’d need a solution that is simple and stable. The board will have to portable, it will roll onto stage after P&W and other service elements. I think this route would give us the most flexibility and best image but I need it simple and stable.

So does anyone have any ideas for capturing the content of a whiteboard for display. Anyone know of a good solution for a tablet PC or touch screen LCD/plasma


February 18, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. Paul Clifford replied:

    We’ve got a teaching pastor that uses a white board on occasion. White reflects so much light that we often need to iris down to lower the reflection.

    One solution we’ve found is a clear board with VERY thick markers (ours come from England). That’s very legible even on IMAG.

    I think it’s okay to see your pastor writing on the board. I’d just shoot from the opposite side he writes on so that he’s less likely to cover the text.


  2. Dave replied:

    Good point Paul. I’ve also heard that there are some white boards that are slightly gray so they look better on camera. I’ll have to do some research and some test shoots. Might rent/demo some new cameras too.

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