Motion Graphics with Apple’s Keynote

I don’t know why but I’ve been intrigued by trying to do more with less lately. I have the Adobe CS3 Master Collection and Final Cut Studio but I’ve been trying out Apple’s iLife and iWork to see what I can get out of it. I’ve even used ProPresenters auto-advance feature to make quick slide shows minutes before a service.

Part of this is because when I’m asked by other ministries how I did something it’s nice to be able to point them to iLife or iWork as a solution instead of saying it was After Effects and Photoshop. Part of it is just knowing how to get the down and dirty solution.

Well this weekend I created a simple slide show of pictures in iMovie to play behind the choir special. My stand by process was to batch process the pictures in PS to the right size, import into AE, drop them into a sequence, apply a scale and blur effect to have the pictures blur in and scale up, the sequence the layers, apply a mask on a top layer to give it a little depth and lighting to focus the image.

Another element for this weekend is an animated pie chart for part of pastor’s sermon. Digital Anarchy sells a $500 plug-in for AE but I wondered what Keynote could do. So I played around last night and I found out I can create a 3D pie chart, adjust the material, colors, angle of the graph, rotation of the pie pieces and animate the different pie pieces on. All in Keynote. You can see what the guys at Church Tech Talk did with Keynote. They created a Pardon the Interruption motion graphic matte to place their video ontop of. You have to download the massive Keynote file but it’s cool to see what was done with 1 slide in Keynote.

In Keynote you can animate the scale, position and rotation of any element on your slide. They also have some cool effects to bring your type or objects on and off the slide. And best of all you can export your file as a quicktime file that you can burn to DVD, upload to web or show in a service. If you don’t like the timing you can take your animations into iMovie or Final Cut and edit them to the right length.

I’ll post the pie chart created in Keynote when I finish it up. But I am being amazed more and more by what can be accomplished with a Mac with iLife and iWork. It just shows the artist is more important than the tool. And I love my other tools (CS3 and FCS), but it’s nice to learn some basics tools to equip other ministries that don’t have the time to learn CS3 and FCS.


February 14, 2008. Graphic Design, Tech Stuff, Video.

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  1. Brent Homer replied:

    my slideshow workflow……iphoto—>make slide show—–>export large h.264—–>pro presenter—->drink coffee

    ilife and iwork are making me lazy. Once they added in quick mask I started losing the motivation to even use photoshop anymore.

    One AWESOME feature about keynote is you can place graphics on top of the video and play it that way. What is cool is you can then make fancy frames and animations on top of the video to spice up some boring presentations.

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