New Case for my iPhone

For awhile I let my iPhone go through it’s life naked. Didn’t want to cover up it’s design. But the phone is slippery and I was afraid of it sliding out of my pocket or hand. So I picked up a case from incase. It looked good. I never liked the textured pattern on the back. But the small piece between the bottom of the phone and the dock connector ripped. My friend, Mike’s case did the same thing. It also seemed to loose it’s elasticity because the sides started to bow out.

So yesterday I picked up a new case from iSkin. It’s slightly bulkier than my old case. But it has a very solid feel. Stays in place. Has a good textured feel which was my main reason for getting a case. And offers great protection. It came with a screen cover and privacy screen which I don’t use. I’ve had their cases for 2 of my iPods and have been very happy with them.

The other cases I looked at were Agent 18’s case. It’s nice and slim which I liked but it’s smooth plastic. I wanted something with some texture. The other case I looked at was this cool cork case from Griffin. It’s a hard case that’s covered with cork. I almost got it but the cork just felt too smooth. It’ll probably roughen up with age and can double as a coaster but I went with the iSkin case.


February 13, 2008. Random, Tech Stuff.

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