Creative Rhythm

A little while ago I mentioned Accidental Creative. I’ve been working through the audio book 30 Days To Rhythm. So far I’m making some changes to help establish a better creative rhythm in my life:
– I am making the time to hang out with my friend Aaron on a regular basis. We’re both in ministry and can get busy too often. But hopefully it will be a couple of times a month
– I am getting a group together of guys I work with who do creative/ tech stuff for their ministries. And we’re going to have a breakfast to share creative ideas with each other. Hopefully it will turn into a regular hangout time
– I am going to establish a creative time for me. This isn’t time for me to work on projects but a time that is split between me in-taking creatively and building something creative just for fun. I’m thinking that it’s going to be from 5:30 to 6:30 most mornings or 10 to 11 each evening. This will give me time when the kids aren’t up. I’m thinking of tackling some videos for 30 minutes and the apply what I just learned for 30 minutes.

What are you doing to stay fresh and creative in your work?


February 11, 2008. Personal Growth.

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