Defining Success in Media Ministry

Like many people who work/ volunteer with a church I wear many different hats. Any given day I could be doing:
-graphic design for print pieces or sermon gfx
-motion graphics for digital signage or a video
-writing a video script, shooting a video or editing that video
-audio editing
-technical setup of audio, lights or sound for an event
-running the above for an event
-web design

But how do you define and measure success in these areas? Is it the number of projects completed? Is it the quality of the projects? If it’s quality what are the standards used to measure it since design is subjective from one person to the next and project to project. Is it merely meeting timelines and avoiding mistakes?

Just a thought that I’m continuing to roll around. Anyone have any ideas of what the define as a success?


February 8, 2008. Graphic Design, Personal Growth, Tech Stuff, Video.


  1. Brent Homer replied:

    yeah, it’s really hard when leadership comes back from a conference and they say they want parametrics and measurement on progress. I am always like…so if I move the faders more on a Sunday is that how I measure? 🙂

    Parametrics for a church media job is pretty difficult. I would love to see how churches who do parametrics manage to do it for this field. I notice the bigger churches say they measure their success but they never reveal how they do it….

  2. Dave replied:

    My introspective thoughts have been driven from myself and not from church leadership. So I’m glad I don’t have to put some of this on paper.

    Some of this might be from my personality. I like to hear the “good jobs”. I guess my love language is verbal. So if I don’t hear good job on enough projects I start to wonder if I’m doing a good job.

    I’ve had a few meetings with my boss about this issue and one of the things I ask my boss is from his perspective what can I improve on? The main answer I get is do my job cheaper and faster but at the same quality. I think that might be from meetings where I bring back a ideas for solutions and say you want it fast, cheap and good but you only get to pick 2 of the 3.

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