What I’m Listening To: Chopin

For Christmas I bought my wife tickets to the Dallas Symphony. We have 5 concerts spread out about 1 a month. I think this was a great idea because it guaranteed a good cultural date at least once a month.

Well Friday was our first concert. The main piece we were going to hear was Chopin 2nd Piano Concerto. I learned his name is not pronounced how it looks chop-in but more like show-pan. Several people have laughed at my pronunciation. But this concert had some serious piano pieces. If they ever come out with “Piano Hero” to compliment “Guitar Hero” some Chopin has to be put in there.

Another piece performed was Schumann Symphony No. 1. Which included a guy jamming on the triangle.

We had a great night. The music was beautiful and very relaxing. I try to expose myself to different musical styles. I do find classical music to be great work music. I really like music without lyrics or lyrics I can’t understand like Sugor Rios for creative work moods.

There is such a rich history in music that one of these days I really want to learn about music history. Learn about the sequence of who inspired what and what the context was in which their work was created. If anyone knows of an entertaining way to lean about music history I’d love to hear about it.


February 5, 2008. Personal Growth, Random, Sound.

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