Visual Worshiper

If you haven’t seen what Camron Ware is doing over at Irving Bible Church then you need to check out Visual Worshiper. What he’s doing is amazing. And he’s doing this with out any intelligent lights. He’s using projectors.

It’s got me thinking about our worship space. It’s got lots of white walls. Now our style isn’t going to be as extreme as what Camron has done at Irving Bible Church, but I think we can use some projectors to create some dynamic looks.

But it’s got me thinking… I have 2 3000 ansi lumen projectors we use for portable use that I can try to create some looks. We also have about 16 ellipsoidal lights that were installed for dramas. But we haven’t had a drama in years so maybe I can use these lights with dichroic filters to throw some colors and patters on the walls?

If I can get the powers that be excited about this I might be able to add some SmartMacs and Stagebars. Seriously though if the powers that be get excited about this I think we’ll contact Camron and bring him over to our space to give us some ideas.


February 4, 2008. Graphic Design, Tech Stuff, Video.

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