Video: What Makes You Happy?

A couple of months ago I put together an intro video for a series called “Mind Games“. So my pastor asks can I make an intro video like the “Mind Games” video but doesn’t want me to spend as much time on it. Last one took about 30 hours.

I was inspired by the video “Happy” from Highway Video. But I felt like it was too long, went some places I didn’t want it to go and ended on a negative note.

I ended up with this video:

The video was an After Effect template from Toolfarm and the final graphic/ motion was taken from Vine Resources. Pictures were from iStock photo except for the flag at the beginning which is from Digital Juice Video Traxx. Voice over is me. Music was from Video Copilot sound effects were from Apple’s Soundtrack.

Overall I spent about 4 hours on the production of this video. Compared to 30 for the Mind Games video. That’s recording the voice over, customizing the template and laying down the audio. There are some goofy keyframes in the video that I didn’t track down and tweak. Some of that goofiness might be from me using time remapp to get the edits to line up with my voice over. It was a quick turn around video in the production time.

[edit] The voice over was my first use of the SM7b mic we picked up. [edit]

But I wasn’t totally happy with the script I came up with. I feel like it was jerky and didn’t quite hit right at the end. Any ideas on how to tweak it? These series is running 7 weeks. I know of some other videos we are going to show but this one might be shown again.


February 2, 2008. Uncategorized.

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