Fixing The Quicktime 7.4 Problem

If you haven’t heard QT 7.4 breaks rendering out of AE and Premiere. There might be other problems but they’re the only ones I’ve heard of. I’ve never had a problem with QT before so when it came out I updated my laptop as I updated iTunes and my iPhone.

But due to something with DRM of movie rentals it freezes renders out of AE after 10 minutes. I haven’t run into the problem because 95% of my projects are short.

But I came across Pacifist that will allow you to install older version of a software. Which is something the Apple installer won’t do. But you can find older versions of QT at Apple’s downloads page.


February 1, 2008. Uncategorized.

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  1. Motion Crashes FCP - The Church Media Community replied:

    […] you can download older versions of QT at Apple’s Download Page. I wrote about my experience on my blog. Pro features were not bothered by the downgrade. And QT 7.4.1 has been out that fixed the AE/ […]

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