Where is the line between inspired and plagiarism

Just wondering where the line is between being inspired by a video and copying it out right. When does one stop and the other begin? I don’t quite get the idea of this video instead of buying this from Igniter. I can tell you the time and resources put into creating the video are worth more than the $15 Igniter charges. I guess if they church really wants that person in the video. Hopefully they would have bought the Igniter video too. I’m making the assumption the church is copying Igniter and not the other way around.

But is it legally wrong to do something like this? I’ve found some good videos like the Happy video from Highway Video. It has some great lines but I think it’s too long, gets off track of where I’d like it to go, I could do better gfx and music and it ends on a negative note.

Or this True Joy video from Shepherd Productions. It’s a great idea but I think it’s too long and feel like it gets off topic. I’d like to take a good chunk of the content but edit it down. But it’s also similar to The Truth video (it’s about half way down the page).

When it comes to copyright, where is the line between inspired by and breaking the law. I don’t mind buying a video that inspires me only to remake it in my own direction. I don’t plan on reselling these videos but just using them for my church.

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. You see it in fashion as runway designs make their way down to Wal-Mart. You see it in TV and movies as waves of similar shows and movies come out. You see it in advertising as certain design styles will ripple through.

I’m not a lawyer or an expert in this but from what I understand ideas are not protected but the execution of those ideas are. In the instances of these videos where I’d like to take 50% – 75% of the content and repackage it. Technically that sounds like a derivative of the work which would be covered under copy-write law.

How much of a work must be changed before it is considered a unique work? Sounds like a question for me to ask smarter people than I.


January 31, 2008. Uncategorized.

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