Aviom Thoughts

We’ve been using an Aviom personal monitor system for almost 4 years now. Before that we were using a TDM system from Boling Engineering. Harry was one of our sound guys and made all kinds of stuff for us. So our band has been used to a quiet stage.

When we first installed the Aviom it was with an analog board. Just took 15 direct outs and 1 aux as a add anything special mix. Since then we’ve moved to a Yamaha M7CL digital board and have kept the same basic mindset.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of giving the band a rough mix or house mix on a stereo send. Then letting them make adjustments as a “More Me” mix idea. My main reasons for this have been:
-Is it too much for a musician to get a decent mix
-Give them a better mix so they can play better
-Take some of the mixing responsibility from them and let them focus more on their playing during practice than tweaking the monitor mix.

Anyway I’m going to run the idea by some of our musicians and see what they think.


January 28, 2008. Sound.

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