First Try At Multi-Tracking

A few weeks ago we celebrated our Pastor’s 50th birthday. I don’t think we do enough celebrating as a church. So celebrating our Pastor’s Birthday was a great way to show our congregation some achievements of our pastor. He’s not one to parade his achievements and he does a lot on a national level that our church doesn’t know about.

He’s written several book, one of them being “Lessons I Learned From Destroying A Church”. It’s about his first church in Sweetwater, Texas that died. In honor of that the music team performed a version of “Hotel California” with the lyrics changed to “Sweetwater, Texas”.

It’s an electric drum kit with 6 feeds to the board that I recorded from a post fade aux, 3 electric guitars, bass and lead vox. I recorded it into our Digidesign 002. I did a quick mix down of it. Mainly added compression (I love Smack) and EQ (Pultec Bundle rocks). Some FX (Trillium Labs Verb) on the vox and drums and Maxim on the master fader.

I really enjoyed the brief post process on this. Makes me want to get to the point where we record 32 tracks out of our board. This would be great for virtual sound checks and training. If we ever get to the point of recording an album we’d be all set. 2 ADAT cards for the M7 and an M-Audio Lightbridge and I’m ready to go for under $2k. Here’s a link to the MP3.


January 26, 2008. Music.

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