OS and Software Updates Pains

WARNING: This is more of a rant than anything else.

As I’ve said before I’m a Mac user. I’ve liked them since the days of OS9 when I realized I could edit video using Final Cut Pro 2 running on an iBook while I sat in Starbucks.

But I have a love/ hate relationship with the frequency of their updates. I went through the change from OS9 to OSX. That was a change that broke everything. Nothing from OS9 would work well in OSX. I’ve now made the change from PPC processors to Intel. Yet another change that required universal software for my apps to run at their best.

As more time goes by I accumulate more software that I use on a regular basis. It started with Final Cut 2.0. Then Photoshop 7/ Illustrator/ InDesign 2 in a pre-creative suite bundle. Then Macromedia Studio MX 2004. Then Protools 6. Then After Effects 6.5. Then add some plugins for ProTools and the Trapcode Suite to AE.

Now the software I use on a daily or weekly basis is: Final Cut Studio 1, Adobe Creative Suite CS3 (Master Collection but I don’t use Premiere, Encore or their audio app), ProTools 7.3 with plug ins, Trapcode Suite, iWork 08, ProPresenter and ProVideoPlayer. Not to mention a dozen or so apps/ utilities that I use on a regular basis.

So along comes Leopard and I’m still waiting for ProTools to update and CS3 to be 100% confirmed. Our Konica C6500 work printer does not have Leopard drivers either. Apple launches QuickTime 7.4 and it’s broken AE renders over 10 minutes.

I want some of the new features of updates but I don’t want to pain and hassles that might come with it. I heard it said that you should stop updating any part of the OS (including QuickTime) once a new version of the software comes out. In other words since I’m running Final Cut Studio 1, I should stop my OS updates on whatever the current OS/ QuickTime version was the day before FCS 2 came out.

Anyway I’ve tried to be safe with my updates. I updated my laptop mainly b/c I thought QT 7.4 was necessary to update iTunes so I could get the new update for my iPhone. I haven’t noticed any problems so far and the only AE renders I’ve had have been quick. But I usually try to hold off at least a few weeks on the MacPro as it’s the main workstation.

But this week I updated the iMac that runs ProPresenter 3 to Leopard and the G5 Power Mac that runs ProVideoPlayer to Leopard. After reading the Renewed Vision forums I’m hoping it solves some of our problems. I’ll make another post about PP3 and PVP on Leopard as well as any Leopard thoughts I might have.


January 25, 2008. Tech Stuff.

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