Leopard and ProPresenter & ProVideo Player

I finally took the time this week and updated our presentation computers to Leopard. The process was smooth.

I updated to the latest version of ProVideoPlayer and ProPresenter. As I’ve said before we have a network module that lets ProVideoPlayer control the background elements of ProPresenter. It was this module that kept me on older versions of PVP and PP3. Since I’ve updated not only does it allow the background to change and the speed of the clip, I can also change the Hue, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast of background videos in ProPresenter. It’s on a global basis, not an individual one. A very nice feature. I can use individual clips settings in ProVideo Player to over ride/ compensate for global changes.

The update also seems to fix some problems we were having with random quits as we prepared the weekends playlist in ProPresenter. Mainly when editing a slide we’d get some odd problems, slides wouldn’t move if rearranged or the program would quit.

The only problems I’m running into right now are:
-I do have one problem with the network module. It will show that it is connected in the network preference pane, but it doesn’t communicate. Deselecting the box and then double clicking seems to fix the problem.
-I haven’t gotten a DVD to play through ProPresenter. It’s not something we do. I don’t like the lag of the disk spinning up. I think video played back from the computer has the colors are de-saturated and the video looks soft going through the scaling process of the computer. But it’s a good backup if our DVD player dies on us.
-The printer we have in the sound booth isn’t printing correctly. It’s a cheap all in one (free after rebate). An Epson Stylus CX7400 that they say has leopard drivers.

Quick Leopard thoughts:
-I don’t like the transparent dock but I do like stacks.
-Spotlight is stinking fast
-Disk Utility takes a long time to repair permissions
-I like the idea of built in remote desktop built in. Allows me to setup playlists for the weekend from my office.
-Software update downloads software in the background and lets you know when it’s ready to install. I need to see when it checks for downloads b/c I don’t want it bogging down during a service.

I wanted to wipe the G5 as it’s our old media computer so it has a ton of software that we transfered over to the new one. But I didn’t see that option to do a erase and instal in my upgrade disk. I might have to use the system restore disks and then upgrade from there.


January 25, 2008. Tech Stuff, Uncategorized, Video.

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