iLove iLife 08

Maybe love is too strong of a word but I’ve been blown away by iLife 08.

To me it sounds funny to say it but this is the first time I’ve really gotten into iLife. I’ve been using Apple computers in 2001 on os9. Before iTunes and any other part of iLife were around. As they released the pieces of iLife, besides iTunes, I never really used. iPhoto at the beginning didn’t handle RAW files which my DSLR shot. I already knew Final Cut and DVD Studio Pro so why would I want to mess with iMovie or iDVD. iWeb is the newest edition but I’ve been using Dreamweaver for the church web page.

I’ve known and used the pro apps so why would I want/ need to use consumer grade products? Well I never had a good reason until now. I’ve taken a new look at iLife because:
-Need to turn picture montages around quickly.
-Equip other ministries at church to do basic video editing.

I first started with iPhoto for picture montages. I really like how it organizes your photos based on “events”. iPhoto gives me a very visual way of organizing my photos and quickly and easily organize and find my videos. The only down side that I’ve found is backing up the iPhoto library. I use ChronoSync for my backups. iPhoto stores all your photos and other files in one huge file. But it’s a package so you have to right click on the library and choose show contents.

iMovie 08 is a new application from the ground up. You can search on the web and find a huge backlash about this change. I know FCP inside and out but I always had the hardest time getting into any previous version of iMovie. But 08 has got to be the simplest editing program I’ve ever seen. I found it ver intuitive. Then add the ability to export the project to Final Cut Pro (minus transitions and Ken Burns). It’s a winner in my book. I have been able to show several people how to quickly make a video and free me up to do something else. If I need to fine tune a video I can export the project and open it in FCP. You can keep iMovie HD on your system. This is great because it has some big features missing from the 08 version. Features like effects and a timeline to edit to.

With it’s more intuitive interface I can see myself using it for picture montages to get the pan and scan Ken Burns effect. Even though I’ve gotten pic montages down to a science in AE. Picked up some great tips from Andrew Kramer at Video CoPilot

I haven’t really dug into iDVD or iWeb. iDVD seems simple enough yet you can produce some very polished looking DVDs. I haven’t compared the quality of it’s encoding process to Compressor. iWeb has some nice looking templates but seems limited if you’re not publishing to a .mac account. I think you can publish to a local folder and then publish to your own site using a FTP application.


January 24, 2008. Music, Tech Stuff, Video.


  1. Brent Homer replied:

    Yesterday we had our COMMA quarterly meeting and I taught a media class. A quick last point i had was that if you had a mac, then start busting out the ilife suite. It’s almost as if Job’s made it so church volunteers can make nice stuff quickly.

    The workflow of Dragging photos from a thumbdrive to iphoto, make slideshow, and export as quicktime movie, has saved me in countless jams 🙂

    I have never yet used DVDstudio in finalcut studio because idvd has always done what I needed.

    I also have a policy of giving windows users a 3 strikes policy and you are out….I will help fix your computer, but if the problem is spyware or virus more then 3 times in a year then I won’t help you anymore until you get a mac 🙂

  2. Dave replied:

    95% of the DVDs I make are for service. So I set them up to auto play a 2 second slug and then hold on pause. They will hold on pause until you press play. Then they will loop back to the slug if I only have 1 video for the service. Or pause on another slug waiting for the next video clip. That’s pretty much what I use DVD studio pro for.

  3. Brent Homer replied:

    yeah, when I edited with Avid that is what I did with the included dvd program, but when I got ilife I just put like 5 sec of black at the front and end and made shure to hit pause…not as nice….but I still have never found time to play with dvdstudio in fcs….some many programs, so little time 🙂

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